Possibility that your partner is cheating on you is 1 out of 3.

Accordingly to the official statistics in USA, 54% of women and 57% of men have committed the Infidelity at least once in their life while being in relationships with their partner. In more than 40% of overall marriages in the United States one of the partners in married couple has cheated on their wife or husband. Summarizing the statistics we can say that every third was unfaithful to his or her partner in marriage.

Is my partner cheating on me?

If you are suspect your husband or your wife is being unfaithful, the first thing you should do is to sum up the facts. Assessment of the situation is the most important phase if you suspect your partner in committing marital infidelity in Phoenix. First of all you should decide for yourself if you are ready or truly want to know the truth. As per the above mentioned statistics the possibility that your suspicion will be justified is quite high.
Signs of infidelity, or if the following occur, – you definitely have reasons to worry

At Bond Investigations we believe that if the person starts to suspect his or her partner, there are always grounds for this. Suspicion never comes from nowhere; sometimes we just can’t find the material explanation for it. For this reason our professional private investigators in Phoenix have summarized the most relevant basis for this inexplicable suspicion of infidelity, such as:

• Their husband or wife begins to spend less time at home, giving the augments of suddenly increased workload or “burning deadlines” or “late meetings with clients”

• Their attitude towards you has changed. It can be expressed as a sharp cooling of relations, or a surge in sexual interest as a subconscious attempt to compensate the lack of attention

• Absent-mindedness, fatigue, answers at random, if the aforementioned is not associated with any medical diseases, it may be a sign of flirting on the side.

• Increased interest in their appearance, changing habits, unusual perfume, makeup traces on clothes

• Infidelity will inevitably lead to different spending habits that will reflect on the family budget, some unexplained expenses, checks; spouse who has previously used only credit cards has started to carry cash

• Excessive secrecy in telephone conversations, increased frequency of e-mail checking, erased history of internet activity in browsers, deleted SMS, the unavailability of a spouse on the phone at the usual time or absence at work during working hours, increased interest in your daily schedule.

Evidence of Infidelity

The above hints from our infidelity detectives in Phoenix will help you to identify the grounds of your suspicion. If your spouse displays any of the signs described above and you are tired of guessing and drawing terrible pictures in your mind, – it is time to either collect the evidence of infidelity or to discover if your spouse is innocent. Should you decide to uncover the truth, there is nothing easier than to call us. Private detectives from Bond Investigations Agency will carry out the necessary investigative measures, which include: spy a spouse in Phoenix services, outside covert surveillance of the husband or wife in Phoenix as well as all over the Arizona state, information gathering, collection of photo and video evidences etc.

Through  infidelity investigation, you can obtain evidence and to be  pursue a divorce settlement in courts.Don’t be scared of getting know the state of things; nothing ruins family more than mistrust between the wife and husband!

Be ready to know the truth by contacting “Bond Investigations”- private detective agency in Phoenix.