In any detective novel, story or case, – search for a missing or lost character- is appearing to be the main storyline (for various reasons); In general it is called “locate investigations”. This fact does not seems to be surprising, because in real life, search for the lost or missing person, is the main focus of any the detective agency.

Bond Investigations private detective agency is not an exception; we devote considerable attention to the matter, as it has a nature of vital importance.

Types of locate investigations.

There are a lot of reasons why people want to find somebody, those reasons mainly depend on the purposes people have. Our locate detectives in Los Angeles have outlined most often required:

  1. To find or to locate a missing person in Los Angeles – mostly relatives or friends who had suddenly disappeared.
  1. Find the debtor who has borrowed money and disappeared when the returning time came.
  1. To find out the location of distant relatives, including those, of whose existence you just recently became aware of.
  1. Locating lost contacts- define the location, address and information about the residential status of the person, relative, or the sweetheart who has moved to another city or country and connection with them for various reasons has been lost.
  1. Judicial location investigations – is the most complicated and requires a lot of resources, this type of investigation includes booth tracking witnesses and search for the people on the run.

Why do private detectives work better than police?

The main problem of police in Los Angeles and all over the USA, which lowers their efficiency in location investigation are inadequate funding, shortage of manpower, and motivation. There are also some restrictions by the Law that can put the investigation process on hold, such as requirement to provide reasonable evidence of suspicion in implicating that there’s ongoing act of a crime or breach of the Law. The restriction on putting any preferences on cases, it means that your case could be reviewed only in the order of arrival. Taking in consideration the quantity of cases which police receives every day, there is a high possibility that your particular appeal to the authorities will be reviewed only in a couple of days. Furthermore, detectives are usually investigating several cases in parallel this results in a heavy workload, and delays in search of missing people.

What’s the role of the time?

If we are talking about the sudden disappearance of a person, any delay can have fatal consequences; this means that locate investigation should be initiated straight away after you have discovered disappearance!

What should I do if I need to find a missing person?

Should you find out that a person is missing, the best thing to do is to contact a private investigation agency promptly. Bond Investigations can assist you with investigations to locate the whereabouts of the missing person. Regardless of the reasons why you need to find someone and of the existence or absence of reasonable evidences, remember – we are the one who will not let you down! Just rely on our professionals detectives in Los Angeles, and we will do our best to reach the greatest result for you.